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Health Administration alumni

The Colorado Health Administration Alumni Association (CHAAA) is a very active Alumni group dedicated to

  • supporting networking in this specialized industry
  • continuing education for its members
  • career support for its members
  • supporting the Health Administration programs at the University of Colorado Denver.

The association began 40 years ago at the inception of the Health Administration programs. All Alumni of the various Health Adminsitration programs at UC Denver are invited to join, including those from the MBA in Health Administration, MS in Health Administration and the Executive Health Administration programs.

The Health Administration alumni base is large, diverse, and forms a nationwide network of professional expertise and therefore gives you a resource support network in this specialized industry.


Alumni membership and contributions provide scholarships for educational, social, and professional development opportunities for all its members.  

Alumni are a viatal lifeline between the Program's current students and the professional arena.

The association also supports the educational activities of the current Health Administration students and offers mentoring for students.

Become a member

All graduates of either health administration program at the UC Denver are eligible to obtain alumni association membership.

Membership is renewed on an annual basis and dues are $45 per year.  

To join please complete the online application and mail in your dues to the board member listed on the form.  

You will received a confirmation email upon receipt of your application and in that letter you will be given the password to access our online directory of alumni.  

Please provide up to date contact information so that we may always know how to reach you.  

If your contact information changes during the year be sure to update your information in our online directory.