Spring 2019 Graduate Course Promotions

Still looking for class ideas for the upcoming  semester? Consider one of the following and register today!

INTB 6500 – International Business Consulting
Tuesdays 6:30-9:15pm

The Spring 2019 International Business Consulting course, INTB 6500-001, has again been selected to consult to a Swiss company to develop a future (2030), water-food chain “blue ocean” international strategic project. It is seeking new, out-of-the box implementable global ideas to develop, operationalize ahead of competitors. This course counts toward International Business degree requirements for MBA candidates; it also counts as an international, functional and free elective for MS students. It is an ideal course for graduate students in the Business School (MSIB, MBA, IS Sustainability, Entrepreneurship). Two paid internships and possible employment will be available after 5/19.

ISMG 6890 – Cyber Security and Analysis in Business
Online OR Hybrid: Thursdays 6:30-9:15pm

The course will prepare students for a role as a Security and Threat Analyst for any company that runs its own security operations, a vendor that provides such services, and as a consultant who helps clients design and implement security and threat analysis programs. Students will learn how to use LogRhythm software, the same software implemented by numerous companies to monitor and analyze potential cyber oriented threats. Students will learn how to use AI tools to identify active threats and to develop and implement appropriate response strategies to neutralize such threats. The course will enable students to apply to the many related jobs currently available in the Denver area.

MGMT 6610 – Business Strategy Lab
Wednesday 6:30-9:15pm

Interested in BUSINESS CONSULTING and STRATEGY? Gain hands-on experience with both strategy and consulting, learn client relationship management and build your resume!

Graduate level MBA/MS teams design and execute projects that influence strategic change for a client company. We’ll be collaborating with and consulting to Senior Executives from a corporate client on a strategic challenge they’ve identified. You’ll prepare a team charter, project scope of work and work plan, conduct research, analyze information, collaborate with the client, problem-solve, identify actionable strategic ideas and timelines, and present your results at a final client reception.

MGMT 6825 – Sustainable Change Leadership
Tuesday 6:30-9:15
Meets in person three times and the rest is online

This course develops leadership from the perspective of managing the people side of change required to transform a traditional business to one that is not only financially successful but also a genuine “force for good” for our natural and social environment. The BLab Impact Assessment tool is used to measure, monitor, and link sustainable business practices to drive continuous improvement and innovation. Students will conduct hands-on, practical work with local businesses to develop change leadership skills as they relate to sustainability.

MGMT 6804 – Bargaining and Negotiation
Tuesday 6:30-9:15pm

Designed as a seminar in bargaining, negotiation, and interpersonal conflict management, this course helps you think about, practice, and improve your ability to negotiate and bargain. Through simulations, role-plays and reflection on your daily negotiations, you will practice and develop your negotiation skills and understand how to tailor your approach depending on the type of situation encountered.
It’s the one course I teach where students regularly report, “This course changed my life.” “This course should be required of every MBA.” “It’s the only course I’ve taken that actually paid for itself–5 times over.”

MGMT 6320 – Leading Organizational Change
Wednesday 6:30-9:15pm

This is an excellent course that will clearly increase your knowledge and overall capability regarding Organizational Change and Organizational Development.
Today’s challenging global environment requires leaders who can effectively lead and manage change, develop the people talent of their organization, and produce strong sustained business results. Understanding Change Leadership and Organizational Development is more important today than probably at any time in the past century. Business results – profitability and growth are directly tied to effective change leadership and organizational development. Businesses do not have the luxury of ignoring these factors.

MKTG 6824 – Sales and Negotiation for Sports and Entertainment Industries
Thursday 6:30-9:15

This course focuses on sales and negotiation techniques necessary for success in the sport and entertainment industries. Students will develop skills associated with negotiation including: collective bargaining, arbitration, and contract fulfillment. Additionally, students will be challenged with developing sales strategies for sport and entertainment organizations including sponsorships, naming rights, and event driven marketing. Upon completion of this course, students should understand the critical components of sales and negotiation within the sport and entertainment industries.

MKTG 6830 – Marketing and Global Sustainability

This course counts as an elective for the MBA program, the MS Marketing program, and the Sustainability Specializations. The course won Honorable Mention in 2016 for the Page Prize in Environmental Sustainability Curriculum, a National award crossing all fields of business. The course focuses on the role of marketing in sustainable for-profit and not-for-profit companies from a global perspective. The course examines sustainable business practices and trends; green brands, labels, and greenwashing; socially-environmentally conscious customer segments; innovating sustainable new products and services; sustainable retailing and supply chains; and sustainability as a competitive advantage.

RISK 6309 – Strategic Risk Management

John Daley teaches this course that introduces strategic risk management, the process of managing the uncertain and unknown risks to a firm’s plans to add value to its owners and society.

INTB 6800 – Special Topics in International Business – Seizing New Opportunities in the Global Environment
Monday/Wednesday 6:30-8:30pm

This course examines the changing international business environment to determine where American businesses can expand during the next decades. It will present various economic and social trends – environmental changes, worldwide aging in the Global North and East, cleantech and renewable energy, changes in agriculture, big data/artificial intelligence – and the evolution of geopolitics to identify where export and entrepreneurial opportunities are most likely to arise.

ENTP 6030 – Entrepreneurship in Emerging Industries
Wednesday 6:30-9:15pm

How do entrepreneurs in emerging industries raise capital, find talent, attract customers, manage regulatory uncertainty, and respond to opposition? Focusing on blockchain technology, renewable energy, fracking, and the sharing economy, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing entrepreneurs pioneering new and sometimes controversial products and practices. We will also examine how these lessons generalize to entrepreneurship in other industries.

CMDT 6782 – Commodity Data Analysis
Thursday 6:30-9:15

This course is an applied introduction to commodity data analysis. Students will learn how to analyze commodity prices using quantitative techniques. Relationships between commodities and the global economy will be investigated. In addition, commodities will be looked at as an asset class and cross-asset relationships will be studied. Students will be introduced to forecasting techniques and be able to develop and evaluate various forecasting models. Students have the opportunity to work with the open source R software environment throughout the course and gain proficiency.

GEMM 6000 – 21st Century Global Energy Issues and Realities
Hybrid Online

This course will provide an introduction to the global energy industry, its stakeholders, technologies, and resources. The focus will be on the major economic, technological, environmental, regulatory, and social factors that impact the energy industry. Among other topics, we will cover electrical generation, fossil and alternative energy resources, transportation fuels, energy storage, and conversion of one form of energy to another. In addition to technologies and resources, we will also provide an introduction to energy policy and regulatory issues, energy ethics and corporate social responsibility, and the societal impacts of energy consumption and development.

*Must submit resume and short essay detailing why you’d like to take the course

GEMM 6210 – Energy Law: Property, Contracts, and Transactions
Hybrid Online

This course will focus on the process of managing the use and development of land resources. The course examines the ways that private persons and companies make their own law through negotiating and entering into contracts, the creation and transfer of interests in real property and intellectual property, and the framework for land ownership and land use both in the United States and internationally.

*Must submit resume and short essay detailing why you’d like to take the course

GEMM 6630 – Commercialization and Management/Leadership of Renewable Energies
Hybrid Online

This course will focus on the business aspects of running a renewable energy entity either as a separate company or sector within an established company. Students taking this course have completed a previous course on the basic science of renewable energy. This course is intended to focus on leadership issues and decision-making regarding renewable energy. As a significant part of the course, students will learn how to review information and data supplied to them by engineers, accountants, financial analysts, marketing managers, scientists, and other stakeholders within and outside their company including federal, state, and local governments and regulatory agencies to make sound business decisions.

*Must submit resume and short essay detailing why you’d like to take the course