Undergraduate Capstone Exam Information

The ETS® Major Field Test for the Bachelor’s Degree in Business contains 120 multiple-choice questions designed to measure a student’s subject knowledge and the ability to apply facts, concepts, theories and analytical methods. The test covers the following areas: Accounting, Economics, Management, Quantitative Business Analysis, Information Systems, Finance, Marketing, Legal and Social Environment, and International Issues.  Some questions are grouped in sets and based on diagrams, charts and data tables. The questions represent a wide range of difficulty and cover depth and breadth in assessing students’ achievement levels.

The ETS exam is required of all students who wish to graduate with a degree in a business related major from the University of Colorado Denver.  It is administered during the semester when students take the “capstone course” (MGMT 4500: Business Policy and Strategic Management), because by then they have completed all other relevant coursework.  Students cannot graduate without taking ETS exam.  Your score is worth 10% of your final grade in MGMT 4500: Business Policy and Strategic Management.  Using such an exam ensures the faculty and employers that the students have learned what is necessary and assures students that they have been exposed to nationally relevant and appropriate material during their education at CU Denver.

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What is the ETS?

This exam is designed to measure the basic knowledge and understanding achieved by senior undergraduates in their major field of study.  Our scores are compared to other accredited institutions of comparable size, allowing employers nationwide to see that our students are getting a quality education.

Why do we have to take the ETS?

The data helps the instructors in the college by making sure they are teaching relevant topics to allow our students to succeed in the business world.  It provides external validation of a student’s education for all concerned.

How much will the ETS exam count?

The ETS exam will be 10% of your grade in MGMT 4500: Business Policy and Strategic Management. Your score will be scaled based on your performance on the exam. The percentage you receive is set by the Business School. MGMT4500 is simply a vehicle for administering the ETS test. The instructor(s) of MGMT 4500 do not have discretion to waive the exam or change how the exam counts in their course.

Where do I take the exam?

On-campus students

On-campus students will take the exam, as a group, in computers labs at the Business School.  You will be sent an email asking you to register to take the exam prior to the stat of the semester when you register for MGMT 4500: Business Policy and Strategic Management.

Online students

If you reside outside the Denver metro ares, it is your responsibility to find a proctor and have them contact us to get the information necessary to sign in for the exam.  You can contact a library, community college, school district or government office.  They need to be nearby during the exam, first to log you in and then to be available in case you get bumped out (rare!).

What format can I expect on this exam?

The exam is a multiple choice, online exam.  You are allowed a pencil and piece of paper but no calculator.  You will have 2 hours to complete the exam.

How do I know how I did?

Your grade will be available as soon as you complete the exam.

Can I predict the outcome of the exam after I take it?

No!  Students who think they’ve bombed it often do well, and vice versa.  Again, review and take it seriously!

How do I prepare for this exam?

To assist you further, we have provided revew materials (above) which has information regarding the ETS areas and topic contents. We also recommend you review your class notes and exams.

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