Summer 2019 General Business “South Denver” Certificate

The advising staff welcomes you to the Business School at the University of Colorado Denver as a “General Business Certificate” student! Thank you for selecting CU Denver.

As academic advisors, our goal is to help you select courses and assist with registration. If you eventually apply and are admitted to one of our graduate degree programs, we will also be the team to help you navigate your whole degree program.


General Information:

• Check your CU Denver email consistently so you do not miss any time sensitive announcements; this email account is used for all university correspondence.

• PLEASE NOTE: South Denver location courses follow a different academic calendar because they are on an 8-week schedule. To find the specific drop dates for these courses, please refer to the Session Code Calendar. The South Denver location courses will follow the “DMH” (first 8 weeks) and “DMI” (second 8 weeks) Session Codes.

If you have any questions, please contact for help with the registration and/or drop process.


Registration Information:

• Prior to enrolling in your first term, South Denver students are  required to schedule an appointment with a graduate advisor as an “advising hold” has been placed on your account (a “hold” prevents you from registering for classes). Please schedule an in person or phone appointment with a graduate advisor immediately by calling 303-315-8110. After your advising session, this hold will be removed.

• Please see the “How to Search and Enroll for Classes guide” for instructions on how to use UCD Access to register for classes.

• Each term, you are assigned a specific enrollment date and time (students cannot register until on or after their enrollment date and time). In UCD Access, from the “Student Center”, click on “All Student Functions”, then click on the “Register for Classes” icon. See the box entitled “Enrollment Appointment” to determine your enrollment date and click on “details” for the specific time. Register on your assigned date and time to avoid waitlists; online classes fill quickly.

• To determine if a class is offered at the South Denver location, use UCD Access to search. Then, click on the “section” link to read the “class notes”, to verify if offered in South Denver. Most of the sections will be designated with a “DH1” or a “D01”. You can also filter South Denver courses out by entering “CUSOUTHDEN” in the Location field under the “Additional Search Criteria” heading. For visual instructions on how to search for South Denver courses, please click here.

• The terms at our South Denver location follow an 8 week accelerated hybrid format. There is a Term A and Term B. If you are working full-time, it is recommended that you take a total of two courses during the term, one in Term A and one in Term B, as to not overload your schedule.



BUSN 6530 (Data Analysis for Managers)

MGMT 6320 (Leading Organizational Change)


Requirements for the General Business Certificate:

• Students pursuing the General Business Certificate are allowed to take a total of three courses for the certificate (no additional courses permitted):

BUSN 6550: Analyzing and Interpreting Accounting Information
BUSN 6520: Leading Individuals and Teams
One Graduate Business elective

At least two of the courses must be taken at the South Denver location

• Since you are required to take two of your three courses for the certificate at the South Denver location, we recommended that you plan your courses carefully. To maximize options for future semesters, we strongly encourage that you try to enroll in your first two classes for the certificate at the South Denver location. This should help you to have more options for your third course, and allow timely completion of your certificate.


GMAT Waiver:

• One of the benefits of pursuing the General Business Certificate is having the opportunity to possibly waive the GMAT, if you decide to apply to our MBA degree. To be eligible to request a waiver of the GMAT for our MBA degree, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Complete BUSN 6550 with a “B+” or higher grade.
  • Must earn a cumulative GPA of a 3.5 or higher; you cannot repeat any course to attempt to earn a higher grade

• For students who do not earn the grades/GPA needed to request a waiver of the GMAT, you may still be eligible to earn the General Business Certificate if you have a cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or higher. Grades below a “C” will have a negative impact on future degree progress. All grades earned in graduate business courses are included in your graduate business cumulative GPA whether or not the grades apply to a graduate business degree.


As academic advisors, our goal is to help you successfully navigate your program. For more information about our services, please review our graduate advising page. We offer:

Thirty-minute appointments that can be conducted via phone or in-person. To schedule an appointment, please call 303-315-8110.

Advising by email can be done by sending your advising question to

We look forward to connecting with you in the near future!


The Grad Advising Team

South Denver Certificate Degree Plan