Fall 2019 Graduate Course Promotions

Still looking for class ideas for the upcoming  semester? Consider one of the following and register today!

MGMT 6610 – Business Strategy Lab
Wednesday 6:30 – 9:15 p.m.

MGMT 6610 is a career-centric course, offering MBA/MS students hands-on experience in two tracks – Management Consulting and Strategy. Susan Heinzeroth, a seasoned professional in both, guides MBA/MS teams in designing and executing projects that influence strategic change for a client company. We’ll be consulting to Senior Executives from a Financial Services firm on a strategic challenge they’ve identified. Be ready to prepare a team charter, scope of work, work -plan, conduct research, analyze information, interact with the client throughout, problem-solve, identify actionable strategic ideas and timelines, and present your final project recommendations at a client reception! Join us!