Dynamic interaction in knowledge based systems: An exploratory investigation and empirical evaluation

Beemer, Brandon and Gregg, Dawn
Decision Support Systems Vol. 49 Issue 4, November 2010, pp. 386-395.

In response to the need for knowledge based support in unstructured domains, researchers and practitioners have begun developing systems that mesh the traditional attributes of knowledge based systems (KBS) and decision support system (DSS). One such attribute being applied to KBS is dynamic interaction. In an effort to provide a mechanism that will enable researchers to quantify this system attribute, and enable practitioners to prescribe the needed aspects of dynamic interaction in a specific application, a measurement scale was derived from previous literature. Control theory was used to provide the theoretical underpinnings of dynamic interaction and to identify its conceptual substrata. A pretest and exploratory study was conducted to refine the derived scale items, and then a confirmatory study was conducted to evaluate the nomological validity of the measurement scale.