Exploring entrepreneurial fulfillment for women in India: An empirical study

V. Kanti Prasad , G. M. Naidu , Kyle Ehrhardt , Doan E. Winkel and B. Kinnera Murthy
Journal of Enterprising Culture,Vol. 19, Issue 03, pp. 287-314

Drawing on social feminist theory, Indian cultural precepts, and previous research, we explore factors which may influence entrepreneurial fulfillment for women entrepreneurs in India. Results of a hierarchical regression analysis suggest that numerous network characteristics, as well as perceptions of family support, each contribute to a sense of entrepreneurial fulfillment for Indian women entrepreneurs. These factors furthermore each contributed to entrepreneurial fulfillment beyond the influence of the financial performance of the venture. Implications for understanding women entrepreneurs in emerging economies are discussed, as are practical implications for both women entrepreneurs and policy makers. We additionally present directions for future research.
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