The outcomes of user interactions with retail websites: Semantics and Nomenclature

J.P. Hasley and D. Gregg
Journal of Technology Research, (2013) Vol. 5. 53 pages

Hundreds of studies have attempted to define, measure, or otherwise explain how website visitors think, feel, and behave during and after visits to transaction-oriented business-to-consumer retail websites. This article reviews the predominant endpoints described in the peer-reviewed literature over the past decade for user-website interactions with e-tail websites. Results suggest that although scores of user-website interaction outcomes have been reported in the peer-reviewed literature, most of those endpoints represent one of ten high-level user-website interaction outcomes (confirmation/disconfirmation, trust, perceived risk, engagement, purchase intentions, actual purchase behavior, satisfaction, repeat website visit intention or behavior, repeat purchase intention or behavior) either directly or indirectly. This article provides a new information technology systems-based taxonomy for relevant outcomes to define website outcomes, identifies their common characteristics, and summarizes the relationships so far reported in the peer-reviewed literature.