Does brand partnership create a happy marriage? The role of brand value on brand alliance outcomes of partners

Zixia Cao, Ruiliang Yan
Industrial Marketing Management,Vol. 67, Pages: 148-157.
In this paper, we investigate an under-researched issue by examining the financial performances of both partner firms in a brand alliance. We find that a participating firm’s brand value and other brand characteristics are associated with not only its own financial performance but also its partner’s financial gains from the collaboration. Our results show that the participating firm gains higher stock returns when its partner’s brand value is higher. However, brand value differential reduces the positive effect of brand value on the partner firm’s financial performance. In addition, the primary partner’s brand alliance experience helps increase the positive effect of primary partner’s brand value on the stock returns of the secondary partner. The secondary partner’s brand exploitation attenuates the positive effect of secondary partner’s brand value on the stock returns of the primary brand firm.