Understanding the satisfaction and continuance intention of knowledge contribution by health professionals in online health communities

Jehad Imlawi, Dawn Gregg
Informatics for Health and Social Care,Pages: 1-17.
Participation of health-care professionals in online health communities is essential for these communities to achieve their goals of improving health outcomes. However, little research has been conducted to understand what motivates health-care providers to participate in such communities. This study utilizes the expectancy/value theory to identify the factors that might affect health professionals’ intentions to continue contributing health knowledge in online health communities (OHCs). Specific motivators driving health professionals’ continuance intentions in OHCs include intrinsic motivators (helping motivator, self-efficacy, and moral obligation), and extrinsic motivators (reputation). This study also investigates how health professionals’ satisfaction in the OHC mediates the relationship between the study motivators and the continuance intentions. The study also suggests that health professional characteristics have