Broadening international perspectives on the legal environment for personnel selection

Myors, B., Lievens, F., Schollaert, E., Van Hoye, G., Cronshaw, S. F., Mladinic, A., Rodríguez, V., Aguinis, H., Steiner, D. D., Rolland, F., Schuler, H., Frintrup, A., Nikolaou, I., Tomprou, M., Subramony, S., Raj, S. B., Tzafrir, S., Bamberger, P. Bertolino, M., Mariani, M., Fraccaroli, F., Sekiguchi, T., Onyura, B., Yang, H., Anderson, N., Evers, A., Chernyshenko, O., Englert, P., Kriek, H.J., Joubert, T., Salgado, J. F., König, C.J., Thommen, L. A., Chuang, A., Sinangil, H. K., Bayazit, M., Cook, M., Shen, W., & Sackett, P. R.
Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, Vol. 1, p. 266-270.

We are pleased that our article (Myors et al., 2008) prompted this most useful set of commentaries. The goal of our article was to highlight similarities and differences in the
legal environment for personnel selection across a broad range of countries. Whereas
some articles in this journal present a point of view that prompts considerable disagreement
and challenge from commentators, our article is largely descriptive, and thus, the role of commentators is to expand upon the perspectives offered in our article rather than to take issue with them. We believe that the commentators have accomplished just that and they offer a most useful supplement to our article.