Andragogy-the missing gap in osteoporosis patient education

Miller, P. M.
Journal of Clinical Densitometry, Vol. 13 Issue 1, March 2010,  pp. 127.

Over 50 articles were reviewed for the paper that covered the general topic of patient compliance in all chronic conditions, issues and current practices of patient education, in-depth reviews of osteoporosis compliance, and the socio-economic outcome of osteoporosis compliance issues.  Research with strong efforts to affect patient outcomes has been conducted and published in the literature.  The literature suggested minimal positive outcomes from those efforts which included physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and others as the educational conduit for treatment success.  Other literature reviews conclude that up to 50% of osteoporosis patients did not take their medications as directed.  Inundating healthcare providers with educational materials and responsibility for educating patients has produced few significant improvements.  The purpose of the abstract was to draw attention to the concept of treating the patient of chronic diseases as adult learners.