The employer-branding journey: its relationship with cross-cultural branding, brand reputation, and brand repair

Brooke Z Graham, Wayne F Cascio
Management Research,Vol. 16, Issue 4, Pages: 363-379.
Purpose One purpose of this paper is to emphasize the relationship between employees as brand ambassadors and the concept of an employer brand. Another is to consider cross-cultural employer branding in the context of global talent management. The authors also clarify the connection between organizational image, organizational identity and organizational reputation, and address how positive and negative brand reputation can affect an organization. Design/methodology/approach The authors use a literature review of findings with respect to topics such as competitive strategy and constructs from the literature on employer branding to identify some key research questions to address. They then consider cross-cultural employer branding and brand repair in the context of talent management, along with more key questions to address in each area. Findings A positive employer brand – with its strong