Advancing training for the 21st century

Traci Sitzmann, Justin M Weinhardt
Human Resource Management Review,Vol. 29, Issue 2, Pages: 137-139.
A PsycINFO search using the terms learning, training, or development returns over 1.6 million resultsan astronomical knowledge base for guiding decisions on the design, delivery, evaluation, and optimization of training effectiveness. Despite this research, the thirst for knowledge about this essential human resource management function remains insatiable. This Human Resource Management Review Special Issue on Training and Developing in the 21st Century aims to advance the literature a step further. We brought together experts renowned for their knowledge of the learning process to review what is already known and tell us where the field needs to go in the upcoming decades.The goal of this overview to the special issue is to provide historical information about the current state of training and how the manuscripts covered in this issue advance this knowledge base. The manuscripts cluster around four